33 weeks pregnant and she is still lifting!

Joyce is pregnant with her 2nd child and lifting heavier than she has before! With the green light from her OB, she decided this pregnancy, she would continue her fitness journey.

Joyce, Training with Jenny

“With proper coaching and training provided by Jenny, I have more energy than my precious pregnancy!”

“Not only has it provided immense mental relief from postpartum depression, but it has also given me newfound strength and energy to myself, my son, and my family! “

Joyce has been training with Jenny since March of 2022 and has never felt better! We are in awe of the strength and power Joyce has! If you see her in the gym, watch out because she is lifting strong and heavy.

Joyce, Training with Jenny

Jenny is a certified health and nutrition coach, and personal trainer. She works with clients with various fitness levels, such as pre & post-partum, and during your pregnancy. She is knowledgeable and will provide a safe and effective workout.


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