InBody 270 Body Composition Analysis

We strongly urge you to consider replacing your “regular” bathroom scale with the InBody 270.

Have you ever been frustrated by the number you see on a traditional scale? It’s likely because that scale can only tell you one number – overall bodyweight.

We have all seen that 5lbs of muscle vs. fat photos. Bodyweight and body composition are two completely different things – and having the right data can help you stay motivated, accountable, and help you stick to your goals.

COST: $40 including your scan and results consultation appointment with a certified personal trainer and/or certified health coach.

InBody 270 Scanner at Performance Health & Fitness
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Who Benefits from an InBody 270 Analysis? Everyone!
The InBody 270 gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your body composition into muscle, fat, and water. By obtaining this analysis it gives us accurate measurements of your muscle to fat ratio that a scale is unable to give us. With this information, we are able to see your individual BMR (how many calories you burn at rest) and if your muscle to fat ratio is within a healthy range to be at optimal health  When it comes to health and wellness that is specific to YOU it is important to obtain YOUR individual analysis to cater YOUR program to YOUR individual needs. I’m very excited that we have this piece of equipment to offer you to help live a long, high quality of life that is sustainable.

Can the InBody benefit Seniors?
The InBody 270 Analysis not only gives us a comprehensive breakdown of your body composition into muscle, fat, and water but we can also check for muscular imbalances in your body. Imbalances can increase your chance of falls or injury. With the aging process, it is normal to see gradual muscle loss as we age and with the InBody 270 Analysis, we can make sure that we catch this early to put you on a nutrition and fitness program that helps to slow down the progression of muscle loss to help keep you independent and functional. We don’t want your body to be a limiting factor as you continue to age, we want you to continue to do what you want to do.

What can the InBody do for Athletes and Fitness Competitors?
Do you need to gain muscle in order to look the best on stage or become faster, stronger, and unbeatable during a game? The InBody 270 Analysis will help us to gain a baseline of how much muscle you currently have if there are any imbalances in your arms or legs that could increase the chance of injury during the season and we can also obtain your current nutritional needs at rest. In order to perform your best, we now have the ability with the InBody 270 to put you on an individualized strength and conditioning program paired with an individual nutrition program to be in peak condition for the field or for the lights on stage.

How can all gym members benefit from the InBody?
Remember it is all about balance when it comes to your fitness program, your nutrition, and your body composition. In order to really see what your body looks like underneath and to give you a program specific to YOUR needs, we need to see the comprehensive breakdown with the InBody 270. Getting on the scale doesn’t give us enough information to see what is going to work for YOU specifically because we need to see the breakdown of muscle, fat, and water. Your ability to achieve optimal health and have a healthy muscle to fat ratio depends on the combination of cardio, strength, and flexibility training along with a nutrition plan that is catered to YOUR individual needs. There is not a one size fits all program or magic pill. We need to determine what is going to work best for you and the InBody 270 Analysis will help get us on the right track from the beginning.

Individual Nutrition Needs + the InBody
Have you tried all the diet fads or the one that your neighbor does just to be disappointed that you didn’t see the same results? That is because everyone has different nutritional needs and Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR which is how many calories you burn at rest. In order to obtain a healthy muscle-to-fat ratio, we need to make sure that we are eating enough to help our body function at rest and during physical activity or daily activities. By completing an InBody 270 Analysis we can obtain your individual BMR which is based on how much muscle you have in your body. Therefore, a comprehensive breakdown of your body is so important. Without this information, other nutrition plans are unable to be catered to YOUR specific needs which could increase your body fat, your muscle, your energy levels and your mental clarity which leads to frustration. You need to eat in order to perform and be healthy!

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