Sport & Speed Athlete Development

COST: $120 per athlete
August 6 – September 12 (see time changes below)
WHEN: Tuesdays & Thursdays
TIME: 12-1 pm (August 6 – August 27) | 4:30-5:30 pm (August 29 – September 12)
15 athletes per session
HEAD COACH: Kaden Rhinehart

Key elements that apply to all sports are speed, agility, strength, power, and endurance. At Performance Sport & Speed, we train athletes in grades 4-12 in these areas. We then take their training to the next level with personalized, sport-specific workouts. Our coaches emphasize proper technique and incorporate injury prevention exercises, creating a powerful, functional athlete. Having trained over 3,000 athletes throughout the state of Iowa, we have developed a program that works to progress athletes to the next step in their careers, whether it’s high school athletics, college athletics, or professional athletics.

Pre- and Post-Evaluation

  • Vertical jump to test power development
  • Broad jump to test horizontal power and the ability to translate vertical power into horizontal movement
  • 40/10 yard sprints to test speed and strength during sprints
  • Pro-agility to test quickness and ability to change direction
  • Bodyweight testing and strength testing will depend on the athlete, how long they’ve been working with us, and what developmentally they are ready for.

Average Sport & Speed Improvements

.12 second decrease in the 10-yard dash
.18 second decrease in the 40-yard dash
5.4 inch increase in the broad jump
2.8 inch increase in the vertical jump
.17 second decrease in pro agility


What exactly is injury prevention?

We focus on teaching the athletes proper techniques to help their overall athleticism. By developing athleticism, we cover all the positions and movements encountered during a practice or competition. We focus on bodyweight movements first, covering the basic mechanics of jumping, running, and landing so when the athletes encounter a similar position during a competition they already have the correct movement pattern to produce the maximal amount of force. To increase injury prevention we also focus on strength exercises throughout the full ranges of motion to help develop the muscles fully, as to not over shorten or overstress the muscles that are most commonly injured depending on the sport.

What about the young athlete's ACLs?

With knee injuries being fairly common, especially in adolescent girls, we make sure to teach the girls how to recruit the proper muscles during the movements that could put added stress on the ACL if done improperly. By teaching the athletes to recruit the proper muscles, we teach them how to move without added stress to the knee ligaments this helping prevent the ACL and other knee injuries. By teaching them in practice, we are able to have carried over into the games so they don’t get out of proper position and put their knees and ACLs at risk.

Do you train sport-specific or for general athleticism?

We focus on both of these during our sport and speed sessions. General athleticism is what will help the athletes when they are reacting to a ball or a play during competition. We want all of our athletes to be well rounded and able to move well throughout normal sport-specific positions like throwing or hitting mechanics for baseball or softball, but also have the proper positions when they react to a ball hit to their left or when they have to jump to catch a line drive. Sport-specific exercises are those that can directly be transferred to the sport, such as box jumps for basketball players, med ball throws for baseball and footwork, and agility for soccer. All of these types of exercises would help further the athlete’s development in a specific sport.

Training Notable Athletes

Many of our athletes have gone on to great athletic accomplishments including NCAA All-Americans, High School State Champions, All-State, and Regional Recognition and Collegiate Athletic Scholarships.

A few notable area athletes include:
Dan Davis – Washington University Hurdler
Jake Gannon – Iowa State University Football
Tom Gorzelanny – Milwaukee Brewers Baseball
Nate Kaeding – San Diego Chargers Football
Zach Miskovic – Washington Capitals National Hockey League
Allison Smith – University of Iowa Volleyball
Emma Winstead – Drake Soccer
Caitlin Wnek – University of Northern Iowa Softball

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