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From the General Manager | December 23, 2020 Update

From the General Manager | December 23, 2020 Update



We understand that outdoor or home exercise can be difficult for many who may be immunocompromised, in particular during winter months in Iowa. Our hope is that we can provide a healthy outlet for those individuals to continue to maintain their health and fitness this winter while creating an environment where they can feel safe to do so.


In an effort to accommodate those in our membership family who may be immunocompromised or those who have requested the full use of masks within the facility, Performance Health & Fitness will implement mask required hours during the month of January.


These hours will be reserved from 1:30pm-3:30pm each day, Monday through Friday for the duration of the month of January. We will monitor these hours and will review them for any continuation or changes that may take place beyond January 31st.


Outside of the hours of 1:30pm-3:30pm Monday through Friday, we will continue to follow the guidance found in the governor’s proclamation which requires of the use of masks/face coverings at indoor businesses with the exception to remove them while actively exercising. We just ask that you please utilize a mask or face covering while entering/exiting the facility and while in any common areas where social distancing may be difficult such as locker room, stairwell, and lobby areas.


As always, we ask that all of our members, guests, and staff to stay home if they are symptomatic or believe they may have been exposed to the virus until they have been cleared by their primary care provider.




Hours of Operation for December:


Monday-Friday | 5:00am-9:00pm
Saturday-Sunday | 7:00am-7:00pm


Holiday Hours


December 24 | 5:00am-5:00pm
December 25 | Closed
December 31 | 5:00am-5:00pm
January 1 | 8:00am-12:00pm


Holiday Group Fitness Classes


December 24 + 31
5:05am RPM
5:35am BodyPump
9:15am BodyPump/CXWorx
10:30am Stretch & Mobility
12:05pm BodySculpt


January 1
9:00am BodyPump
10:00am Spin
10:15am BodyAttack


Keep in mind – all Group Fitness Classes (included with ALL Performance membership types) require pre-registration to ensure proper social distancing. If you haven’t tried out a class yet, email and we’ll help you with the steps to reserve your space.


Virtual Membership: $29/month provides unlimited access to all of our live Zoom group fitness classes. To inquire about changing your membership type, please email


Group Fitness Schedule >>


Child Care & Kids Classes: Closed until further notice


Personal Training

Our Training Team here at Performance Health and Fitness isn’t your average team in the area because our team ranks above most in the corridor area. Why you may ask?


Our certified coaches all have Bachelor’s Degrees in either Health and Human Physiology, Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Psychology or Recreational Therapy. Some of our coaches even hold Master’s degrees or multiple certifications so that they could expand their knowledge even further to be able to help more people in our community.


Whatever your goals may be, we have the tools to help you achieve them both safely and effectively. Whether your goals are to stay functional to live a long-lasting life, you want to incorporate more movement into your weekly routine to keep up with your kids or grandkids, become a runner, increase your athletic performance, learn how to Olympic lift, are in need of pre-rehab or post-rehab strengthening, you just found out you are pregnant or just got cleared to incorporate more exercise postpartum our team has the knowledge to help you achieve whatever goals you may have.


What also makes us above average is the facility that we work in. Performance Health and Fitness is more than just a health club. We want to make sure you have the tools to become the best version of yourself while we focus on your whole well-being. The difference is that our Training Team has the privilege to work very closely with our Physical Therapy Team to make sure that you not only move more but that you move well. We make sure that the movement patterns necessary can be completed pain-free with a full range of motion. If not, we may recommend that you be seen by a member of our Physical Therapy Team before we get started on the health club side or that we work together to make sure that we get you started on the right foot.


Are you in need of lifestyle or nutrition coaching? That’s what is also great about our Team is that we can refer you to Health Coaches to help guide you towards healthier lifestyle habits and a Registered Dietician on staff to help make sure that you are fueling your body appropriately to become your healthiest self. We understand that there is more to health than just a great workout, but that in order to become your best self we need to also coach you through stress management, sleep, hydration, nutrition and physical fitness.


No matter what your goals are, we have all of the tools to help you achieve them. Nothing comes easy but with our guidance, you can achieve anything. Interested in learning more? Make sure to check out more information on our training options whether they be private, semi-private, inhouse or virtually. Feel free to fill out the form in order to meet with one of our certified coaches to see which package is the best for you.


Our mission as a Training Team is to inspire, motivate, educate and encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can obtain a long-lasting, high-quality life. We look forward to meeting you!


Private Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers can help you meet and exceed your goals. Each session is individually focused on your needs. We provide a bevy of techniques and exercises at each session. Start seeing and feeling the difference with private personal training.

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Semi-Private Personal Training

Join others on the journey to meet your health goals. This group atmosphere fosters a supportive environment where others want to help you succeed.

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Tom P

Since joining Performance, I have made huge gains. The process of recovering from knee surgery has been much easier because of the expertise of the Performance staff in helping me get back to full strength. I would recommend this gym to anyone.*

Kim C

Performance Fitness Member

“I joined Performance and it has changed my life. Gone are the days when I dreaded trying on clothes at the store, Thanks to Performance, I feel like a super fit mom.”*

Seth D

Performance Fitness Member

Under the guidance of trainers, I have been able to decrease my 5K time from 28 minutes to under 20 minutes in just 2 years.  I have also lost 30 pounds while increasing strength, endurance and power.*

Connie R

Training over the last few years at Performance has been the best health decision I have ever made.  Leslie, my current trainer, keeps me on track to stay fit and strong, makes our sessions interesting and challenging, and is always positive, even when I have setbacks.*

Barry C Testimonial
Barry C

Performance Fitness Member

“I am a competitive cyclist and have been in personal training at Performance for 6 years. The best part about the trainers is that they know our medical histories very well.  Leslie is great at modifying a training session specifically to each individual person’s limitations so as to avoid injury.”*

Pat S

Performance Fitness Member

“I’m retired and enjoy a full, active life. This is due, in no small part, to the time I spend at Performance. The group classes provide a great workout and lots of variety. Plus, a fun way to meet new friends!”*

*Results may vary