Changing habits can be hard. At Performance Health & Fitness you don’t have to do it alone. The first step is deciding to take action. 

The Certified Health Coaches at Performance Health & Fitness will design and implement an individualized plan to assist you in achieving and exceeding your wellness goals. They are with you every step during your journey, educating you on health risk factors, behavior modification, exercise instruction, and nutrition guidelines.

Health Coaching can help with:

  • Establishing weekly goals
  • Education on nutritional guidelines
  • Exploring emotional setbacks and creating plans to overcome them
  • Identifying stressors and how to manage them
  • Providing guidance to increase physical activity
  • Continuous support, motivation, and accountability


Complimentary | 30-minutes

During this appointment, which can be conducted in-person or virtually, you’ll have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a certified health coach and discuss your personal challenges and goals. You’ll receive initial feedback and learn more about how health coaching can help you reach your goals.



Are you not sure where to start with your nutrition? Having customized macros could be for you! This one-time macro calculation from certified personal trainer and health coach, Jenny, will give you personalized macros calculated just for you.

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Health Coaching Discovery Session

$50 | 60-minutes

Prior to this appointment, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire. During the appointment, your Certified Health Coach will review the questionnaire in detail and provide you with personalized feedback and recommendations on how to reach your goals. You will receive an InBody 270 Body Composition Scan and Report (a $40 value), a weekly plan to help obtain your goals, and access to the Performance Health & Fitness app.

Follow-up Health Coaching Session

$35 | 30-minutes

Follow-up sessions are 30-minute one-on-one appointments with a certified health coach to discuss and review progress and provide on-going support towards reaching your personal goals. These appointments can be conducted in-person or virtually, as often as needed.

Request a Complimentary Wellness Consultation

Want to speak with one of our health & wellness staff before committing to Health Coaching? Contact us today and we’ll set you up with a FREE Wellness ConsultationThese appointments are conducted by a registered health coach and typically last 30-60 minutes. These sessions are scheduled in advance and can be conducted in person or virtually.

Health Coaching

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