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Dear Performance Health & Fitness Members & Guests,
Performance Health & Fitness will be closed through Tuesday, March 31st in accordance with the order issued by the Governor of Iowa on March 17th.
We do understand that there are many unknowns at this time, and we remain hopeful we will be able to reopen on April 1st or whenever the Governor lifts the order of emergency.
Rest assured we are committed to doing the right thing for our members and staff and we will provide any necessary credits for any services or time you have paid for during this time of closure.
If you don’t already, please follow our Facebook page as many of our communication efforts will first appear there (in addition to this alert section of our website). To ensure you see our posts in your newsfeed, visit our profile and click on the “Following” button below our profile header video. Under “IN YOUR NEWSFEED” check “See First”. Under “NOTIFICATIONS” check “On (Highlight Posts)”.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this unprecedented time.
In Health,
Your Performance Health & Fitness Family

Perkville Rewards

Get rewarded for working out with our member rewards program, Perkville! This complimentary program rewards you with valuable gifts in exchange for your ongoing club participation.


Get Started Today
It’s easy to do! Simply activate your account at Perkville. Make sure to use the same email account that you have on file at Performance.


Earning Points on Perkville

Refer a Friend | 1,000 points
Celebrate a Birthday | 250 points
Membership Anniversary | 250 points
Join Rewards Program | 100 points
Attend a 60 Minute Private Training Session | 100 points
Attend a Deep Tissue Massage Appointment | 100 points
Attend a 30 Minute Private Training Session | 75 points
Attend a Swedish Massage Appointment | 75 points
Complete an InBody Scan & Consultation | 75 points
Attend a 60 Minute Semi-Private Training Session | 50 points
Attend a Nutrition Coaching Session | 25 points
Attend a Wellness Coaching Session | 25 points
Attend a 30 Minute Semi-Private Training Session | 25 points
Attend a TEAM Training Session | 15 points
$1 Spent in the Club | 5 points (Includes shakes, snacks, drinks, supplements, clothing, and accessories purchased in club only.)
Gym Checkin | 3 points
BONUS: check in 12x per month | 100 points
Tweet | 2 points


Redeem Points for Valuable Rewards on Perkville!*
5 Visit Guest Pass Punch Card – 500 points (Five visits for any guest(s) of a current member.  Guest is required to sign a guest waiver at the time of their first visit.)
30 Minute Semi-Private Training Session – 1,000 points
5 Free Shake Punch Card – 1,250 points
60 Minute Semi-Private Training Session – 1,500 points
10 Visit Child Care Punch Card (1 child per punch) – 1,750 points
30 Minute Private Training Session – 1,750 points
Nutrition Coaching Session – 1,750 points
Wellness Coaching Session – 1,750 points
One Month of Individual FIT Membership – 2,250 points
60 Minute Private Training Session – 2,500 points
$50 Performance Gift Card – 2,500 points
60 Minute Swedish Massage – 3,000 points
60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage – 3,500 points
MyZone Heart Rate Belt – 5,000 points


Rewards FAQ

What is Perkville? 

Perkville is our member rewards program! It’s a fun and easy way to earn rewards.


How much does Perkville cost?     

It’s free for Performance Health & Fitness members!


How will I know when I’ve earned points? 

You’ll receive an email from Perkville each time you earn points.  You can also easily track your points on Perkville’s website for earnings from things such as facebook posts.


What do I say when I post to Facebook? 

Share your workout! Post what you love about Performance! Posting must be done through the Perkville website, not from your Facebook page.


When will I be awarded points when I refer a friend to Performance on Perkville?  

Once you’ve sent a referral email to your friend through Perkville, when your friend joins Performance using the email you gave us for that person, you’ll receive 1000 points!


*You must create a Perkville account before you can start earning points. Previous activity will not be retroactively added to your account.

Tom P

Since joining Performance, I have made huge gains. The process of recovering from knee surgery has been much easier because of the expertise of the Performance staff in helping me get back to full strength. I would recommend this gym to anyone.*

Kim C

Performance Fitness Member

“I joined Performance and it has changed my life. Gone are the days when I dreaded trying on clothes at the store, Thanks to Performance, I feel like a super fit mom.”*

Seth D

Performance Fitness Member

Under the guidance of trainers, I have been able to decrease my 5K time from 28 minutes to under 20 minutes in just 2 years.  I have also lost 30 pounds while increasing strength, endurance and power.*

Connie R

Training over the last few years at Performance has been the best health decision I have ever made.  Leslie, my current trainer, keeps me on track to stay fit and strong, makes our sessions interesting and challenging, and is always positive, even when I have setbacks.*

Barry C Testimonial
Barry C

Performance Fitness Member

“I am a competitive cyclist and have been in personal training at Performance for 6 years. The best part about the trainers is that they know our medical histories very well.  Leslie is great at modifying a training session specifically to each individual person’s limitations so as to avoid injury.”*

Pat S

Performance Fitness Member

“I’m retired and enjoy a full, active life. This is due, in no small part, to the time I spend at Performance. The group classes provide a great workout and lots of variety. Plus, a fun way to meet new friends!”*

*Results may vary