Adult Athletic Performance Program

The Adult Athletic Performance program is an all-encompassing performance class designed to get you not only in the best shape but also aid in recovery, injury prevention and optimal movement patterns.

You will:

  • increase your lower and upper body strength and coordination
  • improve joint integrity through proper mechanics and improve range of motion
  • enhance your lung efficiency and conditioning

Skill Level: Primarily for those with a solid understanding of basic movements/training protocols. But all are welcome to be willing to train hard and adjust as needed!

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 5:15 AM. *Monday/Friday programming optional for additional cost.  

Price Options:

  • 3x per week in person = $300/month ($25 per session) / Tuesday-Thursday at 5:15 am
  • 3x per week + app programming for off days = $400/month / Tuesday-Thursday in person, Monday & Friday will be digitally programmed by personal trainer, Mike.¬†

About Adult Athletic Performance Instructor, Mike Pettit:

Mike is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach who received a BA in Biology with an emphasis in Human Physiology and Exercise Science.

Mike previously worked as the Lead Sports Performance Coach at Training HAUS Stillwater, Minnesota Strength Coach for Duluth MN Fire & Rescue, Police, Nursing Corp Assistant Strength Coach at Train Hard, and Win Big in Delaware.

Certifications: B.A. in Biology with an emphasis on Human Physiology and Exercise Science, CERTIFIED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING COACH (CSCS)


$400/mo + DIGITAL

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