FitTest Week is our quarterly event in which our members can receive a complimentary assessment on all components of fitness to measure current fitness levels. Join us between January 24-28, 2022 to get back on track to your goals. 

Schedule a Fitness Assessment with one of our certified coaches to:

  • Check your weight and blood pressure
  • Track inches lost with body tape measurements 
  • Receive a complete cardiovascular, strength and mobility test

Members are eligible to receive a discounted InBody Scan, this week only, to measure your overall health. To see the best results, it is recommended to re-test every 3 months to measure progress.  

InBody Scan

  • Comprehensive breakdown of body composition to muscle, fat and water
  • Individual BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate=How many calories you burn at rest)
  • Establishes muscular imbalances that could cause injury

Schedule your initial consultation today! 


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