New Year, New Attitude! I mean am I right?!

We all had challenges with the 2020 pandemic of the Coronavirus but the vaccine is on the way and I hope that this year will be full of gatherings with loved ones, vacations, and a normal holiday season for everyone. We have a lot of things to make up for and I hope that you all have the best year.

Since it is January (despite the pandemic) most people will be making an attempt to make a New Year’s fitness resolution.


Everyone should make it a point to do something for themselves to help fill their own cup so that they can increase their daily positive attitude and continue to take care of others. It’s so important to make sure that you take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. Without that attitude, you tend to burn the candle at both ends and get overwhelmed. So! … to help decrease the chance of that happening I wanted to let you in on a little secret. [When it comes to a fitness plan, to achieve results it’s not necessarily about what type of exercise that you complete but it’s all about CONSISTENCY.]

When it comes to fitness goals so many people have these high expectations at the beginning of working out every day and at their highest intensity to make sure that they see results in the quickest way possible. If you are that disciplined please go for it, but most aren’t so here are some tips to help you stay consistent this year.

    If you are only able to realistically workout 3 days a week for 30 mins each time then that is awesome. We can cater to your health and wellness plan based on what is realistic to you so that you can still see results.
    What I mean is….ANY MOVEMENT IS GOOD MOVEMENT. If all you want to do is come in and walk for 30 mins instead of hit the weights, that is great! We can cater to your health and wellness plan based on your likes so that you stay more consistent. Let’s face it…if we like it then we are going to do it more often.
    Having an “all or nothing” outlook towards health and wellness goals can end up making you feel like a failure when you aren’t at all. Setbacks happen, life happens and it’s ok to go off plan once in a while. Eating one cookie or missing a workout isn’t going to decrease your chances of seeing results. 80% do what is necessary to achieve your health and wellness goals and 20% of the time have fun. This process isn’t as rigid as we make it out to be sometimes. You can still see results by giving yourself some flexibility in the plan. 
  4. Remember the Bigger Picture: The REAL reason we all want to take better care of our bodies.

    Guys, we all have short-term goals that we want to achieve. These would be decreasing the use of prescription medications, losing body fat, having more energy to play with the grandkids, or not being so winded going up the stairs. But what is the real reason health and wellness are so important and is the main reason that we all have the same goals? It’s because we all want to live a high-quality, longer-lasting life.

Incorporating healthy habits is what helps us to take care of our bodies and to help function optimally so that we decrease our chance of developing chronic illnesses or diseases. This is why we all want to incorporate consistent exercise, better nutrition, good quality sleep, and decrease our stress. We don’t want our bodies to become our limiting factor later. Remember this and strive for this overall goal because that will help you achieve all of your short-term goals of decreasing body fat, decreasing the use of medications, having more energy, and just honestly living your best life.

Want to take these suggestions and put them into practice? Participate in our FREE January “Commitment” Challenge >>

Download our free Wellness Challenge Worksheet and post it or hang it somewhere that’ll you see daily – and often. This month’s challenge is a fun one because YOU get to determine what you’re ready to commit to. Using the challenge tracking worksheet is easy – after you download it, think about your 2021 goals and write in a healthy habit. For 31 consecutive days, commit to doing this new habit every day. Fill in the star for every day you stick to your habit goal. Post your progress on social and tag us – we’d love to follow your progress and help you celebrate your wellness victories.

Cheers to your 2021 goals and happy holidays from all of us at Performance Health & Fitness!


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