Happy Holidays to you all! May you enjoy all the yummy food, sweet treats, running around with the family, laughing, staying up late, the card games, and the stiff drinks, but watch out for the stiff joints that can occur with the long travel times.

If your daily movement routine gets a little out of whack by not being able to come to the health club don’t worry, you’re probably getting a lot of movement in other ways. Such as by standing at the counter cooking or washing dishes, chasing young ones, dancing the night away, or walking the tree farm to get a holiday tree.

Movement is movement regardless of what form it’s in but sometimes we do more sitting than usual this time of year and our body starts to stiffen up.


Here are some stretches you can do at the end of the night before bed to help those aches and pains stay away.

Each stretch should be completed 2-3x’s for 20-30 secs and you should always stretch after 5-10 mins of moving around first, never when you first wake up to help increase blood flow.

Seated/Standing Shoulder Shrugs Forward and Backward



Seated/Standing Neck Stretch


Seated/Standing Dynamic Chest Stretch


Seated/Supine Piriformis Stretch


Seated/Supine Hamstring Stretch


Standing/Kneeling Quadricep Stretch


Standing Calf Stretch


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