You just finished your 6-week Postpartum visit at the OBGYN and are released to resume normal activity. What is the first thing you do?

  1. Go on a run 
  2. Take a high-intensity class at the gym 
  3. Start doing planks 
  4. Meet with a Pre and Postpartum Athleticism coach 
  5. Nothing, go about life as normal 

If you picked D. you are CORRECT!

A Pre and Postpartum Athleticism Coach (P&PA) is someone who can help you find new strategies and techniques to engage your core and pelvic floor.

P&PA Coaches are here to provide a safe and judgment-free environment while educating you on how your body functions through different stages of postpartum. P&PA coaches teach you there is more that goes into postpartum recovery than Kegels and breathing. It entails learning new strategies and techniques your body needs to accommodate your new body, making the choice to listen to your body versus our athlete’s brain, and how to give ourselves grace and kindness.

What can you look forward to in a Pre and Postpartum Athleticism Coaching Session? We start with gathering past medical and birth history, assessment of how your body is currently moving, assessment of diastasis recti, assessment of core and pelvic floor function, and education on transitioning into different movement patterns.

Pre and Postpartum coaches are there to give you support you may not have thought you needed. Postpartum is a time for adjustments, learning patience with your new body, and self-discovery. Find resources that are in line with what you are striving for and will help you through this transitional time.


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Pre and Postpartum Personal Training