As a mom-to-be, it is my top priority to make sure I am taking care of myself during my pregnancy.

The first thing I’ve learned during my pregnancy, is acceptance. I am learning to accept that I am not always going to have the energy or capacity to workout like before. Between nausea and exhaustion, working out was very hard for the first 13 weeks. It was also difficult to eat a balanced diet.

During this pregnancy, I have learned that it is okay to listen to your body and rest when needed. Nourish your body however you are able to. Lastly, it is important to move your body. Any movement is better than no movement.

I spent many of those days walking and would strength train only on days that I had the energy for it. Moving into the second trimester I have regained my energy, as well as the desire to eat my normal balanced diet.

I feel confident knowing I am eating enough to support my activities and enough to grow this baby. It has been extremely empowering to get back on my usual workout routine (with modifications). I feel like myself again. I am able to use this time to really focus on moving well and keeping myself strong.

Pregnancy reminds me of how us trainers plan for exercise “phases.”

  • Trimester 1: you really just need to survive. Workout as you can, eat what you can, and rest & recover.
  • Trimester 2: you are able to kick it up a notch.

You can focus on your nutrition again, train with purpose, and still prioritize recovery and rest. Your body is doing a lot in your time off.

  • Trimester 3 is a mystery to me. However, I plan to listen to what my body needs from me and go from there.

I have found prioritizing my exercise and eating has really helped me mentally as my body goes through all of these changes.

These things have been an outlet for me for many years, and I plan to prioritize it as much as I can as my role changes to “Mom.”

If you are going through a pregnancy or a new mom, remember to give yourself grace as you are going through SO many changes. But don’t forget to prioritize your needs as well!

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