You have planned the most amazing day of your life so your stress levels should be decreasing, right? Wrong! Now you are getting nervous about how you are going to look on the perfect day that you spent all this time planning and you don’t know what to do.

The first idea might be to open your computer and confide in your friend Google for the answers. You start looking up cleanses, crash diets, crazy high-intensity workout programs, and things that are only going to stress you out even more. So what is the solution?

When I sit down with soon-to-be-Brides about their wedding health and fitness questions I explain that in order to look your best on your special day you can focus on the top five tips for success: organize your game plan, find a workout buddy, be flexible and kind, eat cleanly, and don’t forget to rest and recover.

It’s important to take a close look at your nutrition because without proper nourishment you will not be able to perform during your workouts to your fullest ability, therefore you will hinder your results. Meeting with a Registered Dietitian or a Health Coach can set you up for success in a time crunch and set you on the path for an individualized nutrition plan based on your specific goals and objectives.

It’s also important to figure out what fitness program is going to be the best for you. A program that incorporates regular strength training along with cardiovascular training is what gets the best results for most brides to be. Strength training helps to increase your metabolism to burn fat all day long, tones your muscles, and along with regular cardiovascular training, will maximize the amount of calories you burn during your workouts.

The more time that you give yourself to achieve your results the better, but we understand that sometimes our own health and fitness takes a back seat to important occasions such as your wedding. There may be a high chance that you are one of those brides that 3 months before your wedding you start thinking about how you are going to look and don’t know if there is a fitness program out there that can give you the results you are looking for before the big day.

Photos have been generously provided by Performance Health & Fitness member and instructor, and professional wedding photographer, Emily Crall. She loves working with couples full of joy and character and especially likes eating wedding cake. Other things that make her smile are: her husband, her kids, People magazine crosswords, Christmas, chicken wings, working out, sunshine, clean laundry, and that magical part of the evening when the kids are finally in bed. Follow her on Instagram @emilycrall and Facebook @emilycrallphotography.


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