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From the General Manager | November 18, 2020 Update

From the General Manager | November 18, 2020 Update


With the increase in COVID-19 cases in Johnson County, as well as across our state we want to do our part in keeping our community safe. On Friday, November 13th, Coralville Mayor, John Lundell, issued a proclamation requiring masks be worn in all businesses open to the public effective immediately. However, there are exceptions within this proclamation as it relates to exercise. With that being said, Performance Health & Fitness WILL REQUIRE MASKS to be worn at all times while not actively exercising, including while entering and exiting the facility, in the locker room and lobby area. Masks may be removed during your active exercise but we ask that you please respect the distancing guidelines by staying at least 6 feet away from other patrons.


As always, we ask that all of our members, guests, and staff to stay home if they are symptomatic or believe they may have been exposed to the virus until they have been cleared by their primary care provider.




Hours of Operation for November:

Monday-Friday | 5:00am-9:00pm
Saturday-Sunday | 7:00am-7:00pm
Thanksgiving | 8:00am-12:00pm


Virtual Membership: $29/month provides unlimited access to all of our live Zoom group fitness classes. To inquire about changing your membership type, please email


November Group Fitness Schedule >>


Child Care & Kids Classes: Closed until further notice


At Performance, we want to help you meet your health and fitness goals. A big part of that is understanding YOUR individual needs to help maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Our on-site registered dietitian will help translate nutrition science into practical recommendations that you can use in your daily life. Whether you are an athlete looking for a competitive edge, or an individual interested in weight management, our nutrition coaching sessions can help you meet your goals.



Our nutrition coaching package helps individuals learn what and when to eat. Through nutrition coaching, you will be provided the resources and tools to fuel your body properly for everyday life and physical activity. Our evidenced-based approach is individualized to help you form lifelong habits for success.

Nutrition Coaching can help with:

  • weight management
  • muscle gain or fat loss
  • managing chronic health conditions
  • improved energy
  • pre-, during, and post-exercise fueling
  • composition and timing of meals and snacks
  • family or child nutrition
  • prenatal and new mother nutrition
  • decreasing inflammation

Basic Nutrition Package

For individuals who want some nutrition guidance, but don’t want weekly accountability check-ins

  • An initial nutrition assessment with our registered dietitian to determine your individual needs and goals to develop a personalized meal plan. 
  • A follow-up session to discuss the meal plan. 
  • The 7-day meal plan includes meals and snacks individualized to meet your calorie and macronutrient needs. With education on how to make modifications to meals and snacks provided for additional variety.

Monthly Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
$150 per month 

A maintenance program for those wanting extended guidance, but don’t need as frequent accountability. 

  • Initial meeting with our registered dietitian to determine individual needs and goals to develop or update a personalized meal plan.  
  • Weekly follow-up sessions with a registered dietitian or health coach (alternating weeks) to evaluate goals, discuss meal plan and develop interventions
  • Weekly feedback on food logs, and message features by our registered dietitian and/or health coaches for continued accountability in addition to weekly in-person or virtual meetings with our registered dietitian or health coaches.

90-Day Nutrition Coaching Program
$525 for 3 months (or $175 per month)

A twelve-week program of extensive nutrition guidance and accountability to reach specific goals

  • An Inbody analysis to provide accurate body composition at the beginning of the program and last week of the program to measure body composition changes
  • An initial nutrition assessment with our registered dietitian to determine your individual needs and goals to develop a personalized meal plan. 
  • Follow up sessions with our registered dietitian to discuss the meal plan, evaluate goals, and develop interventions. 
  • Daily check-in’s/feedback on food logs and message feature by our registered dietitian (5 days/week) via Slack (or True Coach) to help keep you accountable and make modifications in real-time. 



Sports Nutrition Plan

A program for athletes or weekend warriors interested in a personalized nutrition plan for training and race/game/competition day 

  • Initial meeting with our registered dietitian to determine individual needs and goals to develop a personalized training nutrition plan. 
  • A follow-up meeting to discuss training nutrition plan.
  • Training nutrition plan includes pre-workout, mid-workout, and post-workout snacks and meals for training days and race/game/competition day, and hydration plan. 

Team Nutrition Presentations

The impact of nutrition on athletic performance is an important part of success in training and competition. Our dietitian can personalize nutrition-based presentations related to the needs of specific sports. These coaching presentations include recommendations for pre-, mid-, and post-exercise meals, snacks, and fluids needed for proper fuel and recovery.

Long-Term Care Facility Consultation
Complimentary Site Visit and Custom Quoted

Our qualified dietitian has expertise in multiple health conditions in the long-term care setting and has experience working with several long-term care facilities in Eastern Iowa.

Our nutrition consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • assessment of residents’ nutrition status
  • medical nutrition therapy/interventions and recommendations
  • complete quarterly and annual assessments
  • monitoring of weekly and monthly weights
  • monitoring of skin integrity
  • guidance in foodservice management
  • menu review
  • therapeutic and modified diet compliance
  • meetings with interdisciplinary care teams
  • care plans


Ashley Pearson MBA, RDN, LDN

Ashley has been passionate about nutrition and physical activity since high school, where she developed her love for running. She has been an avid runner since completing multiple marathons, and other road races. She understands how to properly fuel your body before, during, and after a workout, race, or game to improve performance. Ashley uses factual, evidenced-based information to provide individualized plans to help you understand your nutritional requirements and reach your personal goals.

She has had a variety of experiences from the food industry, to sports nutrition, to inpatient care. Ashley spent 5 years in the Chicago area specializing in weight management and medical nutrition therapy for chronic diseases. Since joining the Performance team in 2017 she has specialized in weight management and sports nutrition. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, running, being outside, cooking, and traveling.