Another year has come and is almost gone, so now is the time to start thinking about what you would like to achieve in 2020. I’m sure that most of us can say that we had goals for ourselves in 2019 but were unable to achieve them because well, life just happened.

Illnesses, injuries and having trouble balancing work with our personal lives just makes it hard to stay on track to work on achieving what we want during the year and that’s completely OK! Yes it’s a bummer that you didn’t do what you wanted to but hey you can still give it another shot in 2019, so let’s reflect on what happened this year and try to come up with a plan to achieve it this time around 🙂

Baby steps people, baby steps.

To be able to set realistic goals for yourself start with the basics. What are your dreams and aspirations for your life in general? Do you have a bucket list of things that you would like to accomplish? Write them down, create a dream board to put in your bedroom or tell a friend/spouse what you want to do to help you to stay more accountable.

A dream written down becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan and a plan backed by action becomes reality.

Try this method to help set daily reminders by looking at your dream board or to read it daily as it is written down to help hold you accountable. Accountability helps to keep your eye on the prize and consistent until your goals are achieved.

By the way, did you know that some goals may take longer for you to achieve than others?

Let’s say that your goal is to decrease your body fat by 15%. Changing your body composition is hard to begin with, but currently, your lifestyle habits are not so great. You only get 5 hours of sleep a night, you barely get one glass of water in a day, you tend to either skip breakfast or you opt for a quick donut and wash it down with a soda in the morning but you still get in your workouts 2xs a week so that’s enough right? Then to top it all off you are very stressed with trying to manage a staff, your personal life, and still maintain your sanity. That’s a lot going on there friend!

In order to achieve your goal of changing your body composition most people come to me and say I’m going to quit all sugar, drink more water, get to bed earlier and start doing yoga 3x’s a week. Guess what happens next? It’s their 3-month check it and they have managed to at least get in a yoga class once a week, but continues to have the other bad habits weekly.

In order to be successful, you need to set S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals by self-reflecting and being honest with yourself in what you can handle at one time. Starting off with just getting your daily recommended water intake is a great start. Start with that and work on being consistent for a month. Awesome, now let’s start with trying to get more sleep. As you continue to build on your healthy habits your whole lifestyle changes and you are well on your way to achieving that decrease in body fat. Stay consistent towards changing your lifestyle habits in general and you will see results, I promise!

This philosophy doesn’t just work with achieving your physical health goals, but it works for all aspects of health such as your social health, intellectual health, environmental health, physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health.

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Whatever your dreams may be, you are in control of achieving them. Just be more realistic with yourself and don’t add more stress by trying to achieve all of them at once. Take a breath, achieve them one by one, keep going by putting in the effort and you will be able to do anything that you want to do.

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Cheers to your 2020 goals and happy holidays!


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