Here we are in a new decade. I’m sure that some of you have looked back at the last 10 years to reflect on the positive memories but may have also realized that there are things you would like to do in this next decade to improve yourself. Which brings me to the topic of how do I create the best fitness program that is going to help me achieve my goals?

On a daily basis, I consult with new, old, and prospective members about how to incorporate more activity into their daily routine and lifestyle. There is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to programming the perfect fitness program because we all like to do things differently. Some of us like classes while some of us like to work out independently or some of us are great at incorporating cardiovascular training but lack consistent strength or flexibility training. It’s all about finding what you like to do so that you stay consistent as well as establishing a well-balanced program. This means that we need to incorporate mobility/flexibility training, strength training and cardiovascular training consistently to become metabolically efficient but to also live a higher quality, longer life.

At Performance Health & Fitness, we don’t just care about you having a healthy body composition. We want you to take care of your body so that your body doesn’t become the limiting factor later in life. If you don’t use it, you lose it right? So let’s learn about how you can have a well-balanced program to have optimal health.

Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility/mobility exercises can be done individually or in a group fitness class (which we currently offer with all of our membership plans). If you would like to do these exercises on your own, I would suggest daily foam rolling or stretching for about 5-10 minutes. PRO TIP: Never stretch a cold muscle as that can create microtears. Rather, stretch after a light warm-up or foam rolling. If you don’t know how to use a foam roller, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our staff members. Yoga, BodyFlow, Pilates or our Stretch and Mobility classes can help you incorporate flexibility training if you tend to skip that or you’d rather incorporate a class to help hold you more accountable.


How much cardiovascular exercise you do should be determined by the intensity level of that particular exercise. If you like to run, that’s great! You only need to complete 75 minutes per week. If you like to walk, you need to increase that time to 150 minutes per week and focus on staying within your age-predicted target heart rate range. If you don’t know how your heart rate responds to different cardiovascular exercise I would suggest purchasing a heart rate monitor to help you collect individual data to help see results. PRO TIP: Chest straps tend to be 99% accurate since they are powered by the electrical conduction of your heart whereas wrist trackers are only 85% accurate.

Strength Training

Strength training should be completed two, to three times per week. This helps to increase your metabolism, strengthen your bones, and keep your joints healthy. PRO TIP: Increasing your muscle mass doesn’t mean that you will get “bulky”. It does, however, help to increase your energy level and maintain your strength as you age. It is part of the natural aging process to lose muscle mass but the best way to help it not be such a dramatic change is to complete consistent strength training as well as proper nutrition specific to your body.

I hope that this information helps you to incorporate a well-balanced fitness program. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask any of our personal training staff. We are here to help you become the best version of yourselves. If you haven’t taken advantage of your complimentary personal training sessions when you first became a new member I would highly suggest that you utilize these if you need help on coming up with an individualized training program that fits your wants but also your needs. Cheers to the new decade!


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