Here at Performance Health & Fitness, we have a new technology that has been helping our community to take a deeper look at what their health looks like by breaking their bodyweight into individual components.

Why is this important?

Stepping on a traditional bathroom scale tells you absolutely nothing about your health.

The number on a traditional scale only tells you your total bodyweight. That scale does not break your weight down into what it’s made up of – muscle mass + water + body fat + dry mass (protein and minerals).

Since hate is a harsh word, I’ll say I extremely dislike traditional bathroom scales and what they do to our mental status. Honestly, if you have a scale at home… take it outside along with a hammer or a sledgehammer and release some stress. You’ll thank me later 🙂

Now, more about this new technology.

At Performance Health & Fitness, we have an InBody 270 which allows our community to see the breakdown of their weight in a more accurate way.

I can’t tell you how many of our members and guests have left these appointments feeling more confident about themselves and all of them have an individualized plan to help them achieve the results they are looking for.

The InBody 270 breaks down bodyweight into three categories: Total Water, Total Body Fat, and Dry Lean Mass. Since we have these numbers, we can also subtract them from the total weight to then calculate the Total Skeletal Muscle Tissue.

With this information, we are then able to see the Muscle-to-Fat Analysis which helps us determine if you have a strong or weak body type based on the ratio.

The InBody 270 scan report also includes your Body Mass Index and your Body Fat Percentage. The only number I care about is the Body Fat Percentage which tells me far more about your individual body composition than BMI. I really wish that physicians would stop using BMI to measure your overall health because this number doesn’t account for your muscle mass. Since I am a muscular female compared to other 32-year-old, 5’8’’ females, I have always been considered overweight simply because I have more muscle. BMI like scale weight tells me nothing about an individual’s overall health – but percent body fat does hence why I pay more attention to that number.

The InBody 270 scan report also provides information to help us determine if you have enough muscle mass to support your body type. For seniors, this is great information to show your rate of muscle loss, which is typical of the aging process. We all want the rate of muscle loss to be slow as we age because that means we will sustain our functional ability longer if we continue to have strong bones and muscles.

Last but not least, this body composition scan report is able to determine your Individual Metabolism Rate. This information is particularly helpful for our clients that consult with our Registered Dietitian, so she can prescribe daily calorie needs necessary for them to achieve their goals. Everyone has a different metabolism rate based on their age, gender, and body composition. Without this information delivered by our InBody scan, you can do some general calculations to figure out your daily caloric needs but to be able to have the individualized information is absolutely priceless.

Just a few months ago one of my clients completed an InBody scan. Their report showed us that they maintained their muscle mass and decreased their body fat by 14.7 lbs in just one month. Another client actually increased their total body weight by 4 lbs, but the InBody report showed us they increased their skeletal muscle tissue by 6.6 lbs and decreased their body fat percentage by 3.2% in just 8 weeks.

Everyone can benefit from precise body composition information. If you want to learn more or schedule an InBody Scan, don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out the form below. We will answer all your questions, and walk you through the recommendations for getting the most accurate report results (a few steps to follow 24 hours before the scan).

We can’t wait for you to be amazed by the information.


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