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Feed your muscles with these protein shakes! 
All Recovery Shakes contain whey-based protein. Plant-based protein may be substituted upon request.


This delightful blend of strawberries, blueberries and PB2 will take
you straight back to your childhood. 395 Calories – 38g Sugar – 60g Carb – 34g Protein – 5g Fat (Contains dairy, nuts, soy)


Berry Blast
This fruity shake blends guava and raspberry juice with pineapple and strawberries. A flavorful treat for your taste buds. 422 Calories – 42g Sugar – 57g Carb – 30g Protein – 2g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Carrot Pineapple 
Carrots blended with banana and pineapple creates a delicious shake that makes it easy to eat your veggies! 380 Calories – 31g Sugar – 56g Carb – 32g Protein – 4g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Berry Banana 
Get your antioxidants in this tasty treat that combines blueberries, banana and strawberries! 441 Calories – 43g Sugar – 75g Carb – 32g Protein – 4g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Popeye’s Punch
Stay strong like Popeye! This delicious blend of banana, pineapple and spinach provides optimal recovery after a grueling workout! 470 Calories – 49g Sugar – 65g Carb – 32g Protein – 4g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


A delicious blend of coffee, vanilla yogurt and chocolate will give you the energy you need to power through the day! 344 Calories – 16g Sugar – 40g Carb – 37g Protein – 8g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Banana Bonita
This tropical favorite includes a delightful blend of passion mango juice, pineapple and coconut. You will think you’re on a beach! 478 Calories – 56g Sugar – 71g Carb – 30g Protein – 2g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Strawberry Banana
This classic blend of strawberry and banana is a delicious and health favorite. 290 Calories – 18g Sugar – 44g Carb – 31g Protein – 2g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Satisfy your sweet tooth with these protein shakes! 
All Performance Favorites contain whey-based proten. Plant-based protein may be substituted upon request.


Chocolate Peanut Butter
Everyone’s favorite peanut buter and chocolate combo. You will think you are drinking a liquid peanut butter cup!  267 Calories – 13g Sugar – 40g Carb – 32g Protein – 4g Fat  (Contains dairy, nuts, soy)


Cookie Monster
We raided the cookie jar for this sweet combination of Oreos and chocolate! 318 Calories – 12g Sugar – 41g Carb – 31g Protein – 8g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Chocolate Banana
The name speaks for itself.  You can’t go wrong with this chocolate banana shake! 267 Calories – 13g Sugar – 40g Carb – 32g Protein – 4g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


Thin Mint
You’ll think we have a Girl Scout troop on staff after tasting this blend of chocolate, mint and Oreos! 368 Calories – 24g Sugar – 51g Carb – 31g Protein – 8g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


No Bake Cookie
A yummy blend of PB2, chocolate and oats. There is a reason this shake has been a favorite for years! 312 Calories – 4g Sugar – 44g Carb – 36g Protein – 6g Fat  (Contains dairy, nuts, soy)


Candy Bar Craving
This delicious combination of chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and PB2 tastes just like a Snickers bar! 262 Calories – 15g Sugar – 37g Carb – 31g Protein – 4g Fat  (Contains dairy, nuts, soy)


Peanut Butter Banana
One of our best sellers at Performance, you will be sure to enjoy this delicious combination of PB2, banana and hazelnut! 290 Calories – 15g Sugar – 41g Carb – 33g Protein – 3g Fat  (Contains dairy, nuts, soy)


German Chocolate Cake
After drinking this you will think we have a baker in the back. Enjoy this mouthwatering combination of chocolate, coconut and caramel. 262 Calories – 15g Sugar – 37g Carb – 31g Protein – 4g Fat (Contains dairy, soy)


BYR_9090 (800x534)FRUIT SMOOTHIES – $4

Grab a Fruit Smoothie for a burst of flavor and energy!

Purple People Eater
This fruity combination of banana and blueberry is the perfect
reward after a hard workout! 239 Calories – 43g Sugar – 51g Carb – 7g Protein – 2g Fat (Contans nuts)


Rockin’ Dem Beets
Think you don’t like beets? Try this strawberry beet shake, and we
bet you will change your mind! 260 Calories – 51g Sugar – 61g Carb – 2g Protein – 2g Fat (Contains nuts)


Tropical Twist
A smoothie worthy of a coconut cup and a fancy umbrella! This tangy blend of guava, mango, pineapple and banana is sure to transport you to your favorite island getaway. 170 Calories – 30g Sugar – 35g Carb – 1g Protein – 0g Fat


Triple Berry
Bursting with flavor and antioxidants! This combination of berries, almond milk and agave nectar is sure to make your taste buds sing. 185 Calories – 37g Sugar – 42g Carb – 1g Protein – 2g Fat (Contains nuts)



BYR_8909 (800x534)

Give yourself a boost with nutritious add-ons!
Chia Seed – 50¢

A whole grain that is rich in fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and protein. This healthy energy source will help you feel satisfied until your next meal.

Flax Seed – 50¢
A rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, B vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Protein – All Natural Whey or Plant-Based – $1.25

Looking for extra protein in your shake? Pick from all natural whey or plant-based protein to meet your specific dietary needs.


Phone orders accepted at 319-665-2548. Get a punch card so after each 10 shakes/smoothies, you get one FREE!


Please inform us if you have an allergy when you order. Ingredient list available upon request.

Tom P

Since joining Performance, I have made huge gains. The process of recovering from knee surgery has been much easier because of the expertise of the Performance staff in helping me get back to full strength. I would recommend this gym to anyone.*

Kim C

Performance Fitness Member

“I joined Performance and it has changed my life. Gone are the days when I dreaded trying on clothes at the store, Thanks to Performance, I feel like a super fit mom.”*

Seth D

Performance Fitness Member

Under the guidance of trainers, I have been able to decrease my 5K time from 28 minutes to under 20 minutes in just 2 years.  I have also lost 30 pounds while increasing strength, endurance and power.*

Connie R

Training over the last few years at Performance has been the best health decision I have ever made.  Leslie, my current trainer, keeps me on track to stay fit and strong, makes our sessions interesting and challenging, and is always positive, even when I have setbacks.*

Barry C Testimonial
Barry C

Performance Fitness Member

“I am a competitive cyclist and have been in personal training at Performance for 6 years. The best part about the trainers is that they know our medical histories very well.  Leslie is great at modifying a training session specifically to each individual person’s limitations so as to avoid injury.”*

Pat S

Performance Fitness Member

“I’m retired and enjoy a full, active life. This is due, in no small part, to the time I spend at Performance. The group classes provide a great workout and lots of variety. Plus, a fun way to meet new friends!”*

*Results may vary