Free Wellness Challenges

Last 90-Day Challenge

Last 90 Days

Goals are attainable. Challenging, but attainable. How do you start? Clearly identify what you’re trying to achieve, then write down WHY that goal is important. In this wellness challenge, we take it a step further and ask you to list out three daily habits you will commit to for 90 days, and track your progress.

10,000 Step Challenge September 2021

10,000 Steps

For the month of September, we challenge you to run, walk or jog 10,000 steps daily. On the free accountability wellness worksheet, fill in the star for every day you complete the challenge. Optional: write down your total daily steps on the line provided.

2021 Hydration Challenge

Hydration Challenge

Water is an essential nutrient just like carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This means that we need to drink water in order to give our body what it needs. We’re challenging you to drink a minimum of half your bodyweight in ounces of water. Use our free accountability worksheet to track your progress and show your rockstar hydration status to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Burpees Wellness Challenge Printable Worksheet


You don’t need to be “fit” or crazy to appreciate the benefits of the burpee. Give them a chance and you may see considerable changes in your body composition, strength, and endurance. Put them to the test and join our 30-Day Burpees Wellness Challenge! It’s pretty easy to follow but will be a challenge to complete, especially as the days pass by.

Rowing Challenge

30,000 Meter Rowing Challenge

For one month I want to challenge everyone to try something new and to implement a piece of equipment that they may have never used before or never thought about. For some of you, this would be a great opportunity to try focusing more time on the rower! This machine offers a total body workout that utilizes 86% of all the muscles in your body.

Wellness Challenge - Deep Belly Breathing

Deep Belly Breathing Wellness Challenge

Your overall well-being depends on good nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, and stress management. For one month, we challenge you to set an alarm for every hour throughout the day. When the alarm goes off – take 10 deep belly breaths to release stress and tension. Pay attention to your body before and after – you should feel your body relax as you continue to breathe.

Simple Meal Prep Challenge

Simple Meal Prep

If you are ready to start changing your lifestyle habits there are 5 main components to health that will contribute to your success. One of these components surrounds the various aspects of nutrition. For a lot of people, changing nutritional habits can be very difficult. Change doesn’t have to be hard. Learn more + download our “Simple Meal Prep” challenge and see how fun and easy it really can be.