One of the goals of our training department is not only to help you move better but also to move well.

You may be wondering, what’s the difference?

Well, it’s sort of like the difference between an A and an A+. There is a difference because we all may be able to do a squat but some of us are able to perform the movement pattern better than others because we have more range of motion in our joints and it’s pain-free.

So then how do I obtain an A+ rather than the A? By making sure that you are incorporating mobility exercises into your workout routine.

Mobility is defined by the ability to move or be moved freely/easily. When we are in our 20’s and 30’s our bodies have the natural ability to do this because when we were younger our muscles have more elasticity than they do as we age. Ok and yes for those of you that know me – I’m 32 so I know that I’m not old, but I have noticed changes in my own mobility and definitely have been implementing more flexibility/mobility exercises into my weekly routine.

If you want to increase the elasticity of your muscles it would be smart to incorporate a few mobility exercises at the beginning, during, or the end of your workout.

At Performance Health & Fitness, if you work with someone from our training team I could guarantee that we would incorporate some sort of mobility into your workout for the day so that your workout is more successful.

Personally, I incorporate the appropriate mobility exercise for the joints that we will be working that day at the beginning of the workout so that it decreases my client’s chance of not being able to complete the exercise prescribed because it’s painful or not warmed up appropriately.

My favorite mobility exercises are:

Open Books for a chest opener – especially since most of us are stuck at computers these days.

Cat/Cow Stretch for thoracic spine mobility.

Quadruped Fire Hydrants for Hip Mobility


Mobility exercises could be done before a major lift to warm-up the joint and make sure that your range of motion is up to par before you do that back squat.

The bottom line there are benefits to incorporating mobility exercises at any age.

Mobility exercises help to maintain muscle elasticity, joint range of motion and decrease the chance of an injury because of decreased mobility at the joint.

If any movement pattern gives you pain, please don’t hesitate to seek out a physical therapist to fix that issue. No one should ever work through the pain as that could cause a bigger issue or aggravate the injury further. We have excellent physical therapists here at Performance Therapies, but if you are not in the Kalona, Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, or Coralville area, I highly suggest you seek out a physical therapist near you.

Another way to increase your mobility and maintain your muscle elasticity is to stretch 5-10 mins after your workout or attend a yoga, pilates, or stretching class.


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