You may have started working from home or your normal routine has been disrupted by the pandemic and you aren’t able to make it to the gym like you used to. So let’s start to incorporate more MOVEMENT.

Take the stress out of trying to do a structured fitness program while life still may be too chaotic.

Wellness Challenge – 10,000 Steps

Focus on getting 10,000 steps per day for the whole month. It doesn’t matter if you log those steps running, jogging, or walking. If you don’t have a fitness tracker just make sure that you carry around your phone so that it counts your steps.

To help you stay focused and accountable, we have created a free downloadable challenge worksheet. Download it now, print it out, and hang it somewhere you’ll see it daily. Bonus: write in your total steps on the line provided daily as added motivation and accountability.

10,000 Step Challenge April 2021


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