I often get asked about what bar I would recommend for quick, on-the-go fuel. One brand I always recommend is Picky Bars. I absolutely love these bars – taste, ingredients, nutritional profile, and their mission:

“Create a real food energy bar balanced for sport.”

Each bar is made from real food ingredients that provide easily digestible fuel. The main ingredients are dates and nut/seeds to fuel your workout, without a bunch of unnecessary additives. Their products were created by athletes {the founders are a pro triathlete & Ironman Champion, pro runner & 5K Champion, and sub 2:30 pro marathoner} for active individuals & athletes to have nutritionally balanced fuel for exercise. One of the founders has Celiac Disease and another with a dairy issue, so all flavors of Picky Bars are gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO free.

I have said it before, so you might already know, your body’s preferred fuel source is carbohydrates.  At Picky Bar, they know how important carbohydrates are for fuel, and formulate their bars to optimize your fuel from good sources. Picky Bars contain fruits and grains for carbohydrates that provide quick energy for a workout. Fruits also contain fiber, which help to slow the release of sugar to your blood stream for a more steady energy. Nuts and seeds provide fats, which slow digestion to aid in satiety, and provide a longer lasting fuel. Nuts and seeds, along with sprouted brown rice protein, provide protein to aid in muscle recovery and repair.

In August of this year, Picky Bar rolled out their new changes. They updated their packaging and reformulated their recipe for a better overall product. They switched from using agave to tapioca as a sweetener, which is lower in fructose and provides a less sweet taste. It also provided a softer and chewier texture than before. Now each bar only has about 4-7g of added sugars. Some individuals may think that the overall sugar content in each bar is high, but keep in mind that the main ingredients are dates and other fruits. Fruits also contain fiber, which doesn’t cause a major spike to your blood sugar, but rather provide sustainable energy for a workout.

Interested in trying one of their delicious flavors?! Stop by our lobby on Wednesday, October 3rd for our Picky Bar tasting event. We will have samples of four of their best sellers:

Lauren’s Mega Nuts – Peanut Butter, Fruit & Honey

Ah, Fudge Nuts! – Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Blueberry Boomdizzle – Blueberries, Almonds & Vanilla

Smooth Caffeinator – Hazelnuts, Chocolate & Coffee


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