Staff Spotlight

This month we shine the spotlight on Mitchell Schumacher. He is a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach at Performance.


Mitchell’s Background
I was born in Iowa City on December 4th, 1993. Five short days later, I was taken home into the family that I now live with and call my own. Since the age of 4, I have played tennis, but throughout my life I have also participated in baseball, basketball, football, track and field, soccer, sand volleyball and indoor volleyball. I attended Northeast High School in Goose Lake, Iowa where my mom was actually my elementary school principal! Since my high school was so small, they did not offer tennis…so I had to reach an athletic agreement with Clinton High School in order to continue my tennis career. I was a 3 time state qualifier and 1 time place winner at the state tennis tournament. In addition to that, I was also the 2nd highest ranked doubles player and within the top 15 singles players in the Missouri Valley according to the USTA. After high school, I first attended Coe College on a tennis scholarship. That unfortunately did not work out, and I ended up transferring to St. Ambrose University. It was at Ambrose that I truly discovered my passion for fitness and strength. I graduated in 2016 with my Bachelors of Science in Human Performance and Fitness and followed that up my obtaining my CSCS credentials through the NSCA.


10 Random Questions for Mitchell

  1. Where did you grow up? I was born in Iowa City, but I grew up in Clinton, Iowa. I just recently moved back into the Iowa City area, and will be a North Liberty resident soon.
  2. What’s your favorite breakfast food? That is a tough one since breakfast is by far my most favorite meal. I would say it is a toss-up between an egg white omelet or protein pancakes.
  3. On Monday mornings, I feel… Either completely exhausted or very energized for my week!
  4. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend? On weekends I like to just relax and be outside. Even on my days off I enjoy staying active.
  5. What 3 adjectives would you use to describe yourself? I would say that I am driven, frugal (with money), and organized.
  6. Tell us about a favorite childhood memory. One of my most memorable moments growing up was when I first qualified for state tennis. I was just a tiny little sophomore who had no idea what “going to state” meant. However, that year definitely catapulted me into the player I eventually became!
  7. What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up? Oh, that’s an easy one! Cookie dough, definitely cookie dough.
  8. What’s your biggest pet peeve? One of my biggest pet peeves is more of a combination of pet peeves…bad driving! (no turn signals, tailgating, etc.)
  9. Would you rather –
    Be super strong or super fast? I would take super strong, to an extent of course!
    Have no sense of smell or smell everything near you as though it were right in front of your nose? I would rather have no sense of smell, who knows, maybe that would help with my picky eating.
    Never be able to eat hot food again or never take a hot shower again? I am a very picky eater as it is, so I think I could handle not eating hot food ever again.
    Hang with a few friends or go to a big party? I would much rather just hang with a few friends.
    Take a European site seeing vacation or a relaxing Caribbean vacation? If I get tickets to Wimbledon and the French Open…I would take the European trip, otherwise I would most definitely take the Caribbean trip!
  10. Tell me something about you that most people don’t know. I have two things. First is that I am adopted. Second is that I am actually missing two muscles in my face that most other people have!
Tom P

Since joining Performance, I have made huge gains. The process of recovering from knee surgery has been much easier because of the expertise of the Performance staff in helping me get back to full strength. I would recommend this gym to anyone.*

Kim C

Performance Fitness Member

“I joined Performance and it has changed my life. Gone are the days when I dreaded trying on clothes at the store, Thanks to Performance, I feel like a super fit mom.”*

Seth D

Performance Fitness Member

Under the guidance of trainers, I have been able to decrease my 5K time from 28 minutes to under 20 minutes in just 2 years.  I have also lost 30 pounds while increasing strength, endurance and power.*

Connie R

Training over the last few years at Performance has been the best health decision I have ever made.  Leslie, my current trainer, keeps me on track to stay fit and strong, makes our sessions interesting and challenging, and is always positive, even when I have setbacks.*

Barry C Testimonial
Barry C

Performance Fitness Member

“I am a competitive cyclist and have been in personal training at Performance for 6 years. The best part about the trainers is that they know our medical histories very well.  Leslie is great at modifying a training session specifically to each individual person’s limitations so as to avoid injury.”*

Pat S

Performance Fitness Member

“I’m retired and enjoy a full, active life. This is due, in no small part, to the time I spend at Performance. The group classes provide a great workout and lots of variety. Plus, a fun way to meet new friends!”*

*Results may vary